Florey, Howard Walter

SUBJECT AREA: Medical technology
b. 24 September 1898 Adelaide, Australia
d. 21 February 1968 Oxford, England
Australian pathologist who contributed to the research and technology resulting in the practical clinical availability of penicillin.
After graduating MB and BS from Adelaide University in 1921, he went to Oxford University, England, as a Rhodes Scholar in 1922. Following a period at Cambridge and as a Rockefeller Fellow in the USA, he returned to Cambridge as Lecturer in Pathology. He was appointed to the Chair of Pathology at Sheffield at the age of 33, and to the Sir William Dunne Chair of Pathology at Oxford in 1935.
Although historically his name is inseparable from that of penicillin, his experimental interests and achievements covered practically the whole range of general pathology. He was a determined advocate of the benefits to research of maintaining close contact between different disciplines. He was an early believer in the need to study functional changes in cells as much as the morphological changes that these brought about.
With E. Chain, Florey perceived the potential of Fleming's 1929 note on the bacteria-inhibiting qualities of Penicillium mould. His forthright and dynamic character played a vital part in developing what was perceived to be not just a scientific and medical discovery of unparalleled importance, but a matter of the greatest significance in a war of survival. Between them, Florey and Chain were able to establish the technique of antibiotic isolation and made their findings available to those implementing large-scale fermentation production processes in the USA.
Despite being domiciled in England, he played an active role in Australian medical and educational affairs and was installed as Chancellor of the Australian National University in 1966.
Principal Honours and Distinctions
Life peer 1965. Order of Merit 1965. Knighted 1944. FRS 1941. President, Royal Society 1960–5. Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology (jointly with E.B.Chain and A.Fleming) 1945. Copley Medal 1957. Commander, Légion d'honneur 1946. British Medical Association Gold Medal 1964.
1940, "Penicillin as a chemotherapeutic agent", Lancet (with Chain). 1949, Antibiotics, Oxford (with Chain et al.).
1962, General Pathology, Oxford.

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